New Album – Reflections by David Cummins available now July 2020 on all online platforms.

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Out now on all online platforms

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David Cummins

David Cummins

David Cummins

David Cummins is an Alternative Rock singer-songwriter 40 years in the making. Inspired by iconic musical storytellers like James Taylor and rock giants such as Pink Floyd, David started performing music in the late 70’s and early 80’s, touring in clubs around the UK both solo and with a band. After his time at university, he shifted his focus to his creative design business, causing his musical career to slip into the background.

In 2017, after the death of his partner, David picked up his guitar and started writing songs again. Music was his emotional outlet – a reflection of his feelings and a way to come to terms with the passing of a loved one. These sessions resulted in a collection of songs telling the stories of his life: the things he’s done, the people he loves or has loved, and the political uncertainty of the modern world. He hopes that listeners can relate to the emotions and stories in his songs, helping them make it through the grieving process. These songs formed the basis of the album ‘I Have Dreams’ released at the end of November 2019.

A creative in every sense of the word, David is also a designer and photographer, and has worked in these industries for 30 years. His passion for music started at the age of 11, when he got his very first guitar. He is now a multi-instrumentalist, playing the keyboard, drums, and guitar on his songs.

David’s new album ‘Reflections’ is out now on all platforms released 20th July 2020.

David has collaborated with lead guitarist Calum Robertson of The Pink Floyd Show UK, one of the top Pink Floyd tribute acts in the world, along with other great musicians on some of his material.


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Calum Robertson on tour with the pink floyd show UK…
David Cummins


Here’s a preview of the title track of ‘Reflections’ on SoundCloud

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